Sexy Social Distancing Packages

Who says we can’t have fun whilst keeping 1.5 metres apart? Strictly no touching allowed, instead we’ll be tuning into the rest of our senses to connect, play and find relief and pleasure in these weird times we find ourselves in xx

Girl Next Door/Companionship:
Includes you and me at your place or mine relaxing and sharing a safe space together, can also include cleaning, laundry and gardening as well as helping you to organise and declutter your space if you’re needing to work from home and would like help in preparing a nice environment within which to do this from, so you can be most productive and happy xx
Companion Hourly Rate $200
Clock Free Companion (up to 5 hours) $700

Girl Next Door Concierge:
Includes all of the above plus please allow me to source for you what you need and I’ll bring it to your doorstep, whether that be food, drink, medicines or toilet paper! I am at your beck and call and ready to deliver.
Concierge Hourly Rate $300
Clock Free Concierge (up to 5 hours) $800

Sexy Concierge:
All of the above plus some more, for example why not have a sneaky peek into my dressing room whilst I try some sexy lingerie on for your eyes only, and then turn up on your doorstep ready to tease and please in your chosen attire? xx
Sexy Concierge Hourly Rate $400
Clock Free Sexy Concierge (up to 5 hours) $900

Porn Star Concierge:
The Porn Star Concierge can include anything and everything the Girl Next Door and Sexy Concierge includes plus costumes, toys, role play, filming, photos and strip tease, as your heart desires. Touching is off limits, however that doesn’t not mean we can’t have fun seducing each other in other delicious ways xx
PSE Concierge Hourly Rate $500
Clock Free PSE Concierge (up to 5 hours) $1000